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Update - Spring 2019

A lot has been happening recently but that doesn't really explain the lack of blog posts for two and a bit years! Do forgive me, I'm not very tech savvy... I thought it was probably time for a little update! This time of year is the busiest time of year for me other than Christmas. I have been preparing for The Millenium Gallery's Spring Craft Market in Sheffield on the 30th March and also The British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate the weekend after. I have done both before so I know what to expect and how I want to show that I have improved the aesthetics of my stall and built on top of my techniques this year. I am...

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This year in one word? Fast! Progress made, new connections established, tight deadlines met and change taking place constantly. 2016 was the year my life as a jeweller was finally realised, cemented, and celebrated. If I can say anything to encourage you to do the same I will. Nothing in life runs smoothly so we're all in a for an interesting ride if we take our chances!   

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